Goal of the game

In Kontour, you will take turns guessing words, using up to 15 pencil strokes. The player who draws and the player who guesses correctly score points. The first player to earn 10 points wins the game.


Shuffle the cards to form a face-down deck in the middle of the table.

Tas de cartes Kontour

Everyone agrees whether to play the entire game with the upper portion, the middle portion, or the lower portion of the cards.

Carte Kontour
Upper portion
Middle portion
Lower portion

Playing the game

The player with the worst drawing skills will be the first artist, and takes the drawing block and the pencil. The artist takes the top card from the deck and flips it over to discover the words that were on the face-down side of this card.

Bloc de dessin Kontour Crayon Kontour Sablier Kontour Carte pioché Kontour

As soon as the artist has taken the card, flip the sand timer. The artist then has 30 seconds to make someone guess one of the two words from the portion of the card chosen for this game.

A ball?
A sign?
A lollipop?
A zombie!

If someone guesses the word before the sand timer runs out, that player earns 1 point, and the artist earns 1 or 2 points, depending on the word the artist chose (1 point for a blue word,, 2 points for an orange word Track your points with cards

Tas de cartes Kontour Carte Kontour Carte Kontour Carte Kontour

Once the turn is done, the player to the left of the artist becomes the new artist.

Bloc de dessin Kontour Crayon Kontour

End of the game

The first player to earn 10 or more points wins the game.

Carte Carte Carte Carte Carte Carte Carte Carte Carte Carte
x 10

Sand Timer



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Game Designer: Ignacio Sánchez Usera
Illustrator: Jonathan Aucomte