Little Red Riding Hood

Puzzle Arcana Little Red Riding Hood - Boardgame Gigamic
Little Red Riding Hood

"My dear child, How I'd like you to visite me..."

5 riddles are hidden in the illustration of this jigsaw. Solve them to find 5 symbols that will lead you to 5 letters. Unscramble the anagram and enter the Keyword on our mystery word page.

To achieve all this, you have to find the differences between the illustration on the box, and the illustration on the completed puzzle: some of the details refer to the riddles, and once solved, each riddle shows you a symbol. With the letter corresponding, you can create the Keyword.

If it is the right solution... Well done! You have helped Little Red Riding Hood and her Grandmother! An exclusive illustration will appear as a reward.

Arcana Puzzle Little Red Riding Hood