Christophe Boelinger

Goal of the game

Difference is an observation game based on the well-known principle of spot the difference.

Everyone plays at the same time and needs to spot the two differences between the card on the top of his pile and the card at the center of the table as quickly as possible.


Before starting, players need to agree on the illustration they want to play with (Circus, Castle, Lake or Dragon).

Carte Chateau
Carte Cirque
Carte Dragon
Carte Marais

Shuffle the 25 cards and place one of them, with the chosen illustration facing upwards, in the center of the table: it will be the reference card for this first turn.

Carte Marais centrale

Distribute the rest of the cards fairly between the players, in such a way that the chosen illustration is face down.

Distribution des cartes

Playing the game

Each player simultaneously turns over the first card on his pile and compares it with the reference card placed in the middle of the table. You need to be the quickest to find the two differences between your card and the reference card.

Retourner les cartes DIFFERENCE

As soon as a player has found them, he shouts DIFFERENCE! and shows the two differences to the other players.

Comparaison des cartes

If the answer is incorrect, the player keeps his card and the game continues until another player shouts DIFFERENCE!.

Comparaison des cartes avec mauvaise réponse

If his answer is correct, he places his card on top of the current reference card: his card will now become the new reference card for the players. He then turns over the next card on his pile; the other players keep the same card and the game resumes.

Comparaison des cartes avec bonne réponse

End of the game

The first player to get rid of all of his cards is the winner.