André & Johnathan Perriolat

Goal of the game

Complete Pentas 3, 4, 5 and 6 as quickly as possible to score points.


Each player sits on one side of the board, facing each other.

Joueurs Katamino Family

The 18 pieces of the game are placed between them, on the table.

Pièces Katamino Family

Both players agree on a difficulty level (beginner, easy, normal, difficult, expert).

Carte jaune : débutant Carte verte : facile Carte bleue : moyen Carte rouge : difficile Carte noire : expert

Each player takes a card with the color corresponding to the chosen difficulty level and places it between both players. One half of the card indicates the pieces player 1 needs to use, and the other half the pieces for player 2.

Carte Katamino Family au centre à côté du plateau de jeu

Each player places their slider on the game board: between numbers 3 and 4 for the yellow or green cards and between numbers 4 and 5 for the blue, red or black cards.

Plateau Katamino Family Reglette du premier joueur Reglette du second joueur

Playing the game

When the start is signaled, players race to be the first to complete their Penta; completely cover their part of the board with their assigned pieces. The first player to do this wins the match.

Penta 3, duel Katamino Family

The player who lost the duel chooses a Pentamino from the pieces not used and gives it to their opponent. Winner scores one point, and chooses a Pentamino for their opponent.

Piece en forme de Z ajouté Piece en forme de P ajouté

Both players move their slider up one space.

Plateau Katamino Family Reglette du premier joueur Reglette du second joueur

On the starting signal, using the same pieces as their first Penta and the extra piece received from their opponent, each player completes their new Penta. The winner of this 2nd duel scores 1 point.

Penta 4, duel Katamino Family

Players then proceed the same way, completing all the following Pentas (receive an extra piece from their opponent, move their slider up and start a new duel).

Penta 5, duel Katamino Family

For the last duel (Penta 6) only one slider is used between numbers 6 and 7 of the board, except for the green cards which end with a Penta 5.

Penta 6, duel Katamino Family

End of the game

The player with the highest score wins the game. In case of a tie, players swap the last duel's piece they gave to each other and duel each other one last time.