Stumblewood's prototype was rewarded at the 2017 Flip Trophy in the fun games category!

Trophée flip pour Mad Trip / Stumblewood Stumblewood
Game Designer: Charles Bossart & Sébastien Darras
Illustrator: Jonathan Aucomte
Gameboard Itinerary to be done on the game board Start token showing the location of the start box on the card Hourglass that is used as a Mad Trip pawn
Contents overview at the time of installation Path cards that has the guide
Mad Trip direction Tile Mad Trip GO Tile
Path cards that has the guide
Path cards that has the guide
Sentence of the guide
Sentence of the guide
Sentence of the guide
Ending hourglass
Winning character

Goal of the game

Each player must find their own way through the forest The player to your left is your personal guide for the game. This player has the Path card that depicts the path you must follow to escape the woods and win the game. In turn, each player will get to be the “active player” and the player on her left will be her “guide”


Place the game board in the middle of the table.. For a game with younger players or more than 5 players, we suggest you play on the 4×4 side. Otherwise use the 6×6 side of the board. Place the 3 foam objects (bone, knife, and first aid kit) beside the board where everyone can reach them. Give a Player Aid card and a face-down Path card to each player Note: Make sure you use the Path cards that correspond to the side of the game board chosen.

Your guide looks at the Path card she has for you (without letting you see it), and orients it so the Start sign is right side up.


She places the Starting Location token on the board at the location indicated by the Start space on the Path card. She then sets the sand timer on this token.

The sand timer represents you. Your movement ends when time is up. To win, you must traverse the entire path, with no mistakes, before the sand timer runs out. You will probably will need several tries to reach the exit.

When both of you are ready, your guide flips the sand timer to start it. You now have thirty seconds to discover as many spaces as possible that lead to your Exit space.

To move the sand timer one space, you pivot the Direction card. The arrow indicates the space to which you wish to move the sand timer. The sand timer must always move one space orthogonally, never diagonally. To confirm your choice, you must tap on the GO card.

Now your guide must immediately move the sand timer and tell you whether you have made the correct choice.

If, after the move, the sand timer is still on the path as indicated on the Path card, and there is no trap there, your guide confirms this by saying, “OK!” and you can continue to move.

If , after the move, the sand timer is outside the path, your guide tells you that you are lost and moves the sand timer on the Starting Location token. If you still have time, you can start again.

If , after the move, the sand timer is on a trap space, your guide tells you the type of trap and moves the sand timer on the Starting Location token. To traverse a trap, you will have to remember the trap in that space, and take the required action on your next attempt.


  • <b>Hole:</b> Jump in your chairHole: Jump in your chair
  • <b>Water:</b> Pinch your noseWater: Pinch your nose
  • <b>Encounter:</b> Say, “t’s [your first name]”Encounter: Say, “t’s [your first name]”
  • <b>Web:</b> Grab the knifeWeb: Grab the knife
  • <b>Wolf:</b> Grab the boneWolf: Grab the bone
  • <b>Injury:</b> Grab the first aid kitInjury: Grab the first aid kit

End of the round

Once the sand timer has run out, you immediately stop playing; your turn is done.

Pass the tiles to the next player clockwise. Now she is the active player, and the player to her left will be her guide. Her guide places the Starting Location token and sand timer according to the Path card they have for her, and her turn begins.

End of the game

The first player to get the sand timer to the Exit space triggers the end of the game.

All of the players that have not played this round (see who has the First Player card) get one last try. If only one player or team has reached their Exit space by the end of the round, that is who wins the game.

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