Mission assignment

Agent 0042, your country needs you.

We have been informed of the fortuitous discovery of a lethal biological weapon in Mexico. This can NOT fall into the hands of the State’s enemies. Viral strain’s codename: Calaveras.

Our informants advise us to act as quickly as we can, for the scientist who made this discovery - aka Nicole Gomez Santos (codename Santa Muerte), is freaking out and on the verge of making her discovery public in order to guarantee her safety. Avoiding a worldwide muck is now our top priority, as is getting our hands on both Santa Muerte and Calaveras. You have clearance to use all necessary means in order to complete your mission, agent 0042.

Beware: probability is high that other agencies might already be informed. You and your usual partner will leave for Mexico immediately. Travel time should be more than enough to familiarize yourselves with the file.

Needless to say: failing here is not an option...

Scarlet Red Safety Protocol

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