Critical Sanctuary - Season 1

For as long as humans can remember, the Land of the Eight has been divided into baronies. Eight baronies, to be exact, ruled by neither kings nor princes, with only the gods presiding over their destiny.

The constant presence of these gods; half human, half animal; can be felt in every moment of daily life - their magic pervades the whole world. They too, number eight.

Speaking through the nomadic priests, each of these deities—whether Crab, Deer, Owl or Monkey—offers humankind the cornerstones of a strong and harmonious civilization. The sorcerers are the human form of the gods’ power, and this magic is marked upon their bodies in the form of magical tattoos. Society has been structured into cities and baronies by the Guilds, who direct political life under the amused gaze of the gods.

But, over many years, the Guilds have increasingly abandoned and neglected their subjects, and the nomadic priests, who are the earthly representatives of the gods, have found themselves alone in the face of human troubles. The vacuum left by their masters’ absence has compelled the barons to pick up their swords and seize power. The Guilds are attempting to negotiate an accord, while the magic is fading. Has the time of the human finally come?

Beyond the Neven sea, something strange is unfolding on the Crescent archipelago, the cradle of the gods. Tombs that have long lain dormant have awakened, and ancient tales of monsters now abound.


What is Critical ?

Critical - Jeu de société Gigamic

Critical is constructed like a television series, and gives you the unique experience of living out an adventure where you are calling the shots. Plunge straight into Season 1 - Foundation as you play through these 9 heart-stopping episodes. Each episode takes around 30 minutes, so it’s easy to squeeze a game into your schedule.

Thanks to its didactic episodes and immersive illustrations, you will have all the keys in hand to become a Game Master in the blink of an eye! Immerse your players in the adventure and give them a taste of the richness of role-playing.

Critical - Jeu de société Gigamic