• 3 ou 4 joueurs

    "3 or 4" Hellapagos variant

  • Chef répartiteur

    Distributor leader

  • Le chef

    The chief

  • Compagnons et ennemis

    Fellow and enemies

  • Darwin award

    Darwin award

  • Faites vos jeux

    Make your bets

  • Qu'emporterez-vous ?

    What would you take?

  • Ouragan fatal

    Fatal Hurricane

  • Peace and Love

    Peace and Love

  • Mon p'tit coin de radeau

    My little raft corner

  • Rien à cacher

    Nothing to hide

  • La roulette galèrapagossienne

    Hellapagossian roulette

  • Le sorcier

    The wizard

  • Survivre avec Wilson

    Survive with Wilson

Distributor leader

This variant is used to rotate permanent effect cards and this to avoid the specialization of certain shipwrecked.
At the beginning of each turn, the first player (holder of the First Player card) has the possibility to redistribute the cards with permanent effect, which have been engaged in the game (placed in front of the players): a fishing rod, a flask, a club ... He just needs to move these cards in front of the players of his choice who will then use them. The cards still in the hand of the players are not concerned.

Since the leader of a shipwrecked tribe must be exemplary, he cannot take out new cards with permanent effect but may eventually give up his cards.

The chief

The variant "The chief" brings a touch of politics on the island, with all the hopes and disappointments that go with...
The actions and the outcome of the game remain identical to those in the main rule.
At the beginning of each turn, the players shall vote to designate the Chief of the round; no player can vote for himself. There is no election in the first round: the first player takes this role (see main rule).
The player collecting the most votes is elected chief. In case of equality, the previous round chief decides. The designated player places the "First Player" pawn in front of him.
If the Chief dies, victim of a revolver shot during the turn, a new election takes place immediately to replace him.
If there are only 2 players left there is no more election, everyone becomes a chief in turn (except with the option "the voice of the dead" where the dead continue to elect the Chief).

The Chief acts in case of shortage of water or food or in case of lack of space on the raft: he chooses the sacrificed players. As in the main rule, they can still save themselves by playing personal rations.
In this mode, the card "Conch" makes it possible to impose itself like leader to this turn without recourse to a vote. The "Alarm clock" card allows you to choose a Chief among the other players. The other voting cards ("Club", "Crystal ball") can be used for the election of the leader.

Fatal Hurricane

When the "Hurricane" weather card is revealed, the island is instantly engulfed and all the shipwrecked die.
At the end of each round, from the 6th, the shipwrecked vote to know if the raft leaves the island even if all required conditions are not respected. If an absolute majority wishes the leaving, the raft leaves; a new vote is organized to designate those who do not embark (as for a normal end game) and the game ends.
The points are counted as in the main rule, but bonuses are awarded: 1 point if the start takes place on the 7th round, 2 points if the start takes place on the 8th or 9th round, 3 points on the 10th or 11th round.

What would you take on a deserted island?

Thanks to Hellapagos, you will be able to answer concretely to this famous question. At the beginning of the game, it consists of making two packages with 1 card per player + 2 cards.
Example: for 6 players make 2 packages of 8 cards.
The first packet is transmitted from player to player in a clockwise direction. Each player keeps a card of his choice. Then it is the turn of the second packet that is passed in the opposite direction starting with the last player of the previous distribution. The remaining cards are mixed in the unused package.
Finally, the other cards are randomly distributed so that each player has 4 cards (for game with 2 to 8 players) or 3 cards (for game with 9 to 12 players).
The game may then continue normally.

The wizard (from 4 players)

Isolation and shortages make the shipwrecked superstitious. At the beginning of the game, everyone votes to elect a wizard (no player can vote for himself).
At each round from the 4th, before the survival phase, the wizard can propose a shipwrecked to sacrifice to the god of the Hellapagos volcano. The shipwrecked vote (including the potential victim and the wizard) to know if it will be sacrificed or not. In case of majority or equality, the shipwrecked person dies and leaves the game; his cards are distributed among his neighbors. As the god of the volcano is not an ungrateful person, a ration of water and a ration of food are added to the counter.
If only two players (including the wizard) are left, this one cannot offer sacrifice.
If the sorcerer dies during the game, he is not replaced.

Nothing to hide

Normal rule but personal cards are not hidden.

My little raft corner just for me

This scenario allows to privatize the raft places and to make more tense the atmosphere between shipwrecked.

A game is identical to that of the basic rule except for the construction of raft seats. When the wood counter reaches or exceeds value 6, the player who went to get the last trunks takes a raft card and keeps it.
A castaway can thus acquire several raft places (including playing the card "wood board"). He's free to give them later to other players or to keep them to the end.
If he dies by bullet, his assassin recovers the places. If he dies of thirst or hunger, the places are divided between his neighbor on the left and the one on the right, starting from the left.
The end of the game is unchanged: the raft can only depart if there are as many places as survivors alive as well as personal reserves to embark. Otherwise, the hurricane forces leaving.
But a castaway without a private place cannot board. A castaway with several places can choose to embark without surrendering his surplus places.

Example: Philippe has six seats; his companions have none; 6 survivors remain alive and the reserves are sufficient to embark. Philippe decides to give 3 places to 3 shipwrecked of his choice but none to the other two. The 4 survivors with raft place then share the food and leave the island without their two companions...

Fellow sufferers and sworn enemies (from 4 players)

This scenario applies in tournament mode (with points count).
Each shipwrecked secretly notes on a paper:

  • The name of another shipwrecked who will be his fellow sufferer and that will have to be assist,
  • The name of another shipwrecked who will be his sworn enemy and will have to be eliminated as a priority.

Names will only be revealed at the end of the game.

At the end of the game, in addition to the points normally assigned, each player receives:

  • + 2 points if his fellow sufferer escapes on the raft
  • + 2 points if his sworn enemy cannot leave the island.

These points are awarded even if the player does not manage to escape.

Example (in shipwrecked mode): 4 shipwrecked out of 6 leave the island, including Laurence who scores 4 points. His fellow sufferer also escaped (+2 points) and his sworn enemy succumbed during the game (+2 points); she scores 8 points. Philippe did not manage to escape; his fellow sufferer and his sworn enemy are mounted on the raft; Philippe scores 2 points.

Survive with Wilson (2 players)

The two castaways cohabit with a third fictitious player, Wilson, whom they will control in turn. Wilson is a fully-fledged shipwrecked man who consumes rations and seeks to escape from the island.
The installation of the game is that of a game with 3 players. Wilson also receives 4 cards that are placed on the table, visible faces.
The 3 castaways perform the usual actions. When it is Wilson's turn, the first player of the turn, even if he is ill, decides for him. It is however forbidden to exchange cards with him.
In case of shortage, the first player also votes on behalf of Wilson.
Wilson cannot be the first player of the turn.
For this 2-player game remove the card "club" which can be difficult to use.

Peace and Love

The castaways have the right to use the gun only during or after a shortage. Thus, free settling of scores early in the game are no longer possible.

Darwin award

Sheet metal plate and stray bullet: if a player fires at a shipwrecked who holds a sheet metal plate, the shooter draws a ball in the bag, if it is black, the ball ricochets and kills him instead!

Thanks to Lucie, from saint-lo who had this nice idea of variant ;o)

Hellapagossian roulette

This variant is addressed to those who wish to make more hazardous the use of the revolver in the adventure.

Each revolver includes six bullet chambers. One of these rooms was corroded by seawater. When the owner of the revolver makes use of his weapon he takes a ball at random in the bag. If the black ball is picked, no luck, the bullet is in the corroded chamber and the gun explodes. The shooter is killed instantly; his cards are distributed among his neighbors, except for the revolver, which is out of order.

Make your bets

As the presence of the winning lotto ticket indicates, the castaways were all gathered on this boat because this cruise gathered inveterate players, addicted to betting and predictions!
At the beginning of the game, each player secretly bets the final number of survivors.
At the end of the game, all players boarding the raft in time have the merit to come out of this shipwreck alive, but only those among them having correctly bet the final number of survivors win the eternal glory of their peers !

"3 or 4" Hellapagos variant

This variant concerns 3 or 4 player games as well as the "Wilson" variant for 2 players. It allows you to put more items in play.
At the beginning of each round, the first player, if not sick, draws the first card from the wreck and shows it to everyone. If the object is usable immediately, he can apply it. Otherwise the card is discarded. If it is a card with permanent effect, he can place it in front of him.

Examples: The first player draws a sandwich; he can apply it immediately by increasing the food counter by 1. The first player fires a cartridge when he has the gun; he can use it immediately by shooting down another castaway. The first player pulls the fishing rod; he can use it immediately by placing it in front of him. The first player pulls the barbecue kit for cannibals; he cannot use it right away so must discard the card.