Can we resurrect with the voodoo doll a dead person who was previously eaten with the Cannibal BBQ Kit?

Yes. This is the extreme slimming diet of Hellapagos.

I own the card "rotten fish" or "filthy water". How to use them well?

These foods allow to survive but gets you sick. They should therefore be used as a last resort in case of shortage. Some possibilities:

  1. I own or someone gives me the matches: the food can be consumed safely or added to the reserves.
  2. in case of a water or food shortage (to survive or to embark on the raft):
    • I am designated by a vote: I can use my tainted food; I survive but I get sick for a round;
    • another shipwrecked is designated: I can give it to him; he survives but gets sick.

When water or food rations are insufficient for all shipwrecked, how to easily count this shortage?

A simple visual means can be to place the water or food marker on the outside of the board in case of deficit.
Example: 5 survivors remain alive for only 3 rations of water (the marker indicates 3). There is therefore a lack of two rations of water; the water marker is then positioned outside the table opposite box 2, which means -2. After a first resolution, the marker will move in front of box 1 (-1) before returning to 0 when the shortage will be resolved.

Can we use the voodoo doll to resurrect itself?

No. Dead shipwrecked can no longer play cards and no longer have any. You just have to hope that the shipwrecked who retrieves this card regrets you a little....

When wood is recovered, does the raft track necessarily return to 0 after the 6 pieces of wood are reached or can we go beyond?

It is possible to go beyond the 6 pieces of wood.
Example: the counter is on 4 logs and the player takes 3 pieces of wood. The first 2 allow to reach the stage 6 and thus to build a seat on the raft. The 3rd is added and therefore the wooden disc is set to 1.

Page 12 it is said that a bitten player cannot do any action or play cards on the next turn (except survival in the case of an unfavorable vote).

It's true, but he cannot play a card (except from anti-venom serum) during the turn of his bite.

Can an already sick shipwrecked (bitten by a snake) consume filthy water or rotten fish if they are voted against because of lack of resources? And if so, is he sick longer or does it not change anything?

  • in any case, a sick player can consume a ration, poisoned or not (these are the only cards he can use)
  • if he consumes filthy water or rotten fish he remains ill on the next turn (as usual) but there is no overtime on the next turn.

If a shipwrecked gets shot, can he be rescued by giving him the sheet metal plate?

No, the shooter is as quick as lightning.

If a shipwrecked uses sleeping pills to steal me, can I shoot him immediately to tell him that stealing is not right?

No, the sleeping pills numb and do not allow immediate fire to prevent the theft. But nothing prevents you from avenging yourself later (if you were not stolen the revolver).

Does the alarm clock used to designate a new first player imply that the totem is moved?

Yes, the First player card is placed in front of the designated shipwrecked.

How to treat a tie if the leader of the turn is dead?

As soon as the leader dies, the totem immediately passes to his right neighbor, whether there is a vote or not. On the next turn he moves on to a new leader.

The Sleeping pills to defend against a vote? (in the hope of recovering useful rations).

Yes, this card can be played at any time.

Can we use the Fruit basket to defend against a vote?

Yes, this card can be played at any time. If the Fruit basket is played while votes have taken then there is no death. Shipwrecked "returned to the life" don't recover lost cards.

Is it possible to show cards to other players?

No, never. But nothing prevents from telling what we want.

I want to place the game cards in plastic case. What are the right formats to buy?

54 cards 88 X 58 for objects and 37 cards 67 X 44 for weather, rafts, status and totem.

Who collects cards from an ax-cut player? (Expansion)

As with the revolver, the killer collects the victim's cards.