Hi! I’m Bez!

I made Yogi, or at least, I made ‘In A Bind’, which is almost the same. For that edition, it was thanks to the testers, kickstarter backers and everyone who supported me emotionally that it became a real thing. Afterwards, Dave Cousins showed the game to Gigamic in 2015 and (of course) they loved it.

I’m excited to see its rebirth into ‘Yogi’, which looks shinier (literally!) and more colourful. I hope it brings about a bucketload of fun to you, wherever you may be!

I’ve been offered some space to write things, so here are some things I really want to tell you:

It is always possible!

Everything inside the box you buy is theoretically simultaneously possible. It may be that you’re simply not flexible enough. Or you get tired. That’s OK! Don’t be too sad! But if you think ‘it’s impossible’, let me tell you: it’s not! Try rotating your entire body, lying down, using other things to support yourself, drawing with your mouth or even your feet!

The cards are completely waterproof and nearly indestructible

If you spill a drink, you can wash them! I tried to rip one and I couldn’t! This is honestly the thing I’m most excited about! I played it in a swimming pool, with the deck on the edge. Cards are easier to balance on your body as they practically stick to you! However, as soon as you go below the waterline, they all come off.

I would love to see your photos or hear your stories!

I make games hoping that folk enjoy them. Having people tell me, show me, or write to me about how much they enjoyed something I made is one of the best things ever! I love chatting, so please do say hello if we’re ever in the same place. Or reach out if you’re ever in London. I’ve always got new things to show.

I just hope you have many hours of joy with this thing we made!

– Bez