When she arrived home that evening, Camilla Souris' moustache was still quivering with excitement. She slipped through the hatch, carefully wiped her paws on the carpet before finding her beloved Peter Mouse. He put a kiss on Camilla's snout, while their little ones happily splashed bath water everywhere out of their bathtub - can of sardines.

  • I discovered a curious little object today!" she said, showing him the coin she had brought back from her walk.
  • How nice! I'll hang it in the living room," he replied.

Immediately said, immediately done, the find was hung on the wall. The flames of the fireplace were gently reflected in it.

Later, lying in their bed after a good meal of melted cheese, the little ones asleep in their hammock, Camilla Mouse resumed :

  • "You know, there were a lot of pretty things that could be useful to us to furnish the house."
  • "We just have to go back tomorrow with the little ones!" proposed Peter Mouse.

Thus, the next day, a small expedition was organized and the family of mice left, in search of new treasures for their cosy nest.

But what Camilla and Peter Mouse don't know... is that you saw them leave! The perfect opportunity to take a look out the windows to try to find all these little things pilfered here and there. Equipped with a flashlight and your prettiest basket to store the found objects, you approach with caution... Hurry up, the little family will be back soon and you don't want to scare them, do you?